Are You Getting the Most Out of Your NSA CO Membership?

October 1st, 2012 – by NSA Staff No Comments

Are You Getting the Most Out of of Your NSA CO Membership?

NSA Colorado is the premier source for event planners to find professional speakers . . . but it’s also fantastic for speakers at all levels, from aspiring to inspiring, who are looking to grow their careers and take it to the next level.

In case you’ve forgotten, here are some of the main benefits NSA offers to the professional speaker. Are you making full use of them?

Top Three Benefits of NSA membership

Monthly events: These Friday evening or Saturday morning events feature nationally known speakers at the top of their game, panels on different business related subjects, and insightful TED style talks. In case you haven’t checked the cost, NSA’s events are quite affordable. The programs have been well thought out to give members real value, but the networking and opportunities to meet peers or mentors is of equal value. If you are not attending . . . the only possible excuse we’ll entertain is that you are so busy speaking, you simply cannot fit our events into your schedule. And if that’s the case, bravo!

Click here for information about our next event, SPECTACLE: How to Put Show Biz into Your Biz Onstage, coming up on October 13.

Listing in NSA CO’s Speaker Directory: NSA is a nationally known, highly respected organization and yes, it’s the first choice of many event planners looking to find speakers. Being listed in the directory, which is searchable by name, topic or keyword, is an invaluable way to get more speaking engagements. You have a chance to include your photo, a short summary of your expertise, a website or blog address and other contact info.

NOTE: Affiliates (NSA members who do not yet meet the paid presentation requirements), are not listed in the Speaker Directory. However, you can still be found by meeting planners via the Speaker Request System.  Hopefully, you have opted in to receive emails from interested meeting planners through this system. If you haven’t you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities to get your message out there.

Colorado Speakers Academy (CSA): This intensive program (which is starting Nov 9, by the way) can launch a speakers’ career into overdrive. Running through the end of Feb, 2012, the curriculum is designed to build an emerging speaker’s competency in all the areas necessary to grow and sustain a successful speaking business. Why reinvent the wheel? There are speakers who have already made all the mistakes, know all the tips and tricks, and are ready to lay it out for you, step by step. Check out the CSA here

Of course, this list is debatable, since there are many more benefits to NSA membership. By the way, if you are reading this and trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it for you to join us here at NSA Colorado, please take a look at this list of all the other benefits membership will provide you.


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