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Attention:  Speakers, Consultants, Coaches,
Authors, and Solopreneurs

Imagine having thousands of dollars of passive income both online and offline by putting your great ideas into a simple tips booklet, and having companies and associations promote your product and your work. One powerful afternoon shows you how.

And whether you’ve already written a whole book or are still thinking one day you’ll get around to it, this is the perfect solution for you.

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Are you one of those speakers, consultants, coaches, or any other business person who delights in selling single copies of a single information product you’ve created? If so, then you are painfully aware of what a slow and tedious way it is to make any real money, much less have a ton of fun doing it. Yet you may be among the many people who go that exact route every day. You sell from your web site, you sell at speaking engagements, you sell at trade show booths, and you are thrilled when you see one less carton of hard copy product sitting in your office or garage.

Instead, imagine selling hundreds of thousands of copies of one or more of those products to a single buyer, in probably less time, and not personally do another bit of product fulfillment at all. It’s easier than you may think. You’ll never want to sell one hard copy of anything by itself again to an end-user or a retail store. Amaze yourself by the shift in your attitude the class is sure to prompt. This is so do-able you’ll definitely want to be at this exciting event.

“I certainly believe in the power of booklets. To date, I’ve written several customized booklets that have been translated into four different languages and sold over 250,000 copies. My clients are looking for quick, simple, how-to information that they can easily implement. Booklets are one of my all-time favorite recipes for success.”
– Susan Friedmann, CSP
– Lake Placid, NY

Information Products:
Today’s Secret Marketing Tool

How to Sell a Million Copies to Corporations

This interactive, fun session gives you the jump-start to:

1.    Generate your first product in a day if you don’t already have one.
2.    Leverage one product into at least three amazingly easy ones.
3.    Learn why having three products is magical.
4.    Find dozens of new product ideas all around you.
5.    Spend no out-of-pocket money (zero!) on product development.
6.    Pre-sell thousands of copies of a product before you create it.
7.    Identify hundreds of bulk buyers right under your nose.
8.    View all of your incoming mail through completely new filters.
9.    Have a ‘yes’ answer whenever someone wants to buy.
10.    Incorporate ‘bulk sales’ into every speech or interview you give.
11.    Promote your overall business with products
12.    Get paid handsomely for others to market you.
13.    Help customers buy more from you in each sale.
14.    Offload all hard copy product fulfillment completely.
15.    Make multiple sales a year to individual accounts.
16.    Have clients do all the production work and pay you for it.

This is only some of what you’ll experience in our personalized session together. Wherever you are on your info product journey, you’ll discover your next best step to take.

Even if you have attended this session before, you are sure to learn new information and create new colleagues who understand your journey and can contribute to your success.

“Paulette is a very accomplished workshop leader. She delivers tons of information concisely, clearly, and enthusiastically. Down-to-earth, she allows plenty of time for Q and A, and makes sure everyone gets what they need, in a timely manner. She also deftly manages all the different energies in the room!”
– Carolyn Bercovitz, Partner
– California

But wait, there’s more! You think that’s all?? In addition to exploring how to
develop hard copy products, a portion of the event is reserved for:

Creating an Entire E-published Product Line
from a Single E-booklet Manuscript

That’s right, we’ll look at how you can expand and contract a single manuscript into a whole range of products to be published and delivered as downloadable sales from the Internet.

You’ll discover:
o    How everything you create is actually at least two products in one.
o    Simple technology perfect for even the technologically challenged.
o    Why corporations also love downloadable versions of your products.
o    Ways to fatten out every sale you make without creating new products.

At the end of the day –
my personal promise and
guarantee to you

When you walk out the door at the end of the day, you will not only have a gigantic stash of immediately do-able ideas and new contacts for cross-marketing your business. You will also have your booklet manuscript and marketing plan started.

And you’ll have new people to contribute to your success. You won’t be left hanging to fend for yourself, to sort through it all. You’ll be able to continue your momentum and enthusiasm as you get your products and your message out into the world. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this workshop by the end of our time together, just let me know before you leave and we’ll refund your money.

You’ll be exploring directions for your booklet and your business you never would have considered, no matter how creative you are.

Move from “someday/maybe” to having your booklet and your marketing plan started, no matter how long you’ve had it all on the back-burner or sitting in your to-do list. And that’s a promise!

“I had no idea what one could do with a booklet. Now that I know, I am planning my strategy. My forthcoming book lends itself nicely to a series of booklets. I admired your presentation at the Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN) Conference. It was engaging, humorous, and impeccably timed. I have also visited your website and was very impressed with the way you have it all set up.”
– Lisa Martin
– British Columbia, Canada

Your registration includes:

•    Personalized attention to your booklet and your business

•    “How to Promote Your Business with Booklets”
100-page digital manual – receive the newly revised 4th edition
($47 value)
•    Reserved spot to sell one of your booklets on the ebooklet catalog at
($97 value)
•    A 60-minute follow-up group teleconference session one month later
($47 value)
•    Two content-rich Special Reports delivered digitally after the class
($18 value)
•    Opportunity to meet new marketing partners

It would be at least 5 times the cost of this afternoon
if you were to invest in these things separately.

“I wanted to say thanks for the insights and information you provided in your recent seminar on marketing booklets for cash. I though the information was very straightforward and usable, without a lot of hype or unrealistic “potential” rewards. As a speaker, I am certain that I will put this information to use in the near future in order to further my own speaking business with my own products and subsequent discussions of them. Thanks again.”
– Ken Budka, Speaker
– Chicago, IL

Register for this class now!

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The conveniently central Cherry Creek location limits how many people can attend.
More importantly, I want you to be assured of personalized attention.

Our time together Thursday, October 8 will be at:

The Board Room at Cherry Creek
3773 Cherry Creek Drive North, Ste 575
Denver, CO 80209
Onsite Phone   303-331-9100
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

“Paulette manages to give very focused suggestions to each participant in her conference “get-togethers.” She answers all questions and makes sure to respond to the needs and problems of each individual participant. As an added bonus she schedules a follow-up teleconference, handling anything needing further amplification after review of the conference notes – an added value to a valuable experience.”
– Dan Davis, Author & Lawyer
– Santa Maria, CA

Who IS Paulette Ensign and why should you listen to what she has to say?

Paulette Ensign, Expert Facilitator and Tour Guide
Paulette Ensign has personally sold over a million copies in four
languages and various formats of her 16-page booklet, ‘110 Ideas
for Organizing Your Business Life,’ without spending a penny on
advertising. Her direct no-nonsense approach means the session
will be full of great ideas for you, just ONE of which could help INCREASE
YOUR BOTTOM LINE SIGNIFICANTLY, and give your message a longer
reach . And we’re certain you’ll get many great ideas from our time

Paulette holds the attention of audiences from beginning to end, using
wit, warmth, sensitivity, and a small bit of natural irreverence. She has
been a performing violinist, radio talk show host, workshop facilitator,
keynote speaker, consultant, and guest on radio, television and airline
in-flight audio. Paulette is a past national president of the National
Association of Professional Organizers, and current vice-president of
the Publishers & Writers of San Diego.

She is the sole author of one tips booklet, three home study courses,
several manuals, and hundreds of articles. Paulette is the founder and
Chief Visionary of the San Diego, California-based Tips Products
International, serving a world-wide clientele for several decades.
Formerly a lifelong resident of the Northeast USA, Paulette moved
cross-country and loves living a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean
during the past dozen+ years.

“Our speaker, Paulette Ensign , is sculpting her own niche as one of the country’s few authorities on creating and marketing booklets by spending nothing on advertising and very little on promotion. She speaks from experience, not from book learning (though she obviously has read a few of those in the process). I imagine that most of us came away from the meeting with our mind hamsters running fast.”
– Robert Goodman
– Past President,      Publishers & Writers of San Diego

Yes! I definitely want to attend this exciting session!

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Reserve Your Space with Your $177 Payment Here

(while there’s still a seat for you)

See you soon!

P.S. – Be sure to pass this on to invite your colleagues to attend with you. They’ll thank you and so will I.

P.P.S. – If you wait until the last minute there is a very high likelihood you’ll be shut out and miss this event. And there’s no telling when I’ll be back to the Denver area to do another one of these!

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