How NSA Colorado Got Its Start as Told by Joe Sabah & Judy Sabah

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Joe began working with the American Motivational Association in 1973 and continued until 1977. His involvement was booking Cavett Robert, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Morris Massey for motivational programs and filling the seats for those programs.

He began noticing that wherever he went, people were asking him about the subjects of speaking and booking speakers. Joe had been in the habit of collecting business cards and in 1979 decided to find out how many people were actually interested in the subject of Speaking.

Using his collected business cards, Joe invited 20 people to his first class, “How To Speak for Fun and Profit” in the fall of 1979. One of the people he invited was Judy. They began dating and were married in 1981.

We now know the answer to the question Joe had as he wondered if people were actually interested in speaking. The class has been taught for over 30 years.

After attending their first NSA National Convention in New Orleans the summer of 1980, Joe and Judy began hearing about local chapters being started. They learned that the 1982 Chicago convention would include meetings giving information on forming a chapter. The thought of learning more about how to start a chapter was very exciting.  Joe and Judy had made a decision and felt ready to start a chapter in Denver. After the Chicago convention they came home and began organizing their first meeting.

Using the database of “How to Speak for Fun and Profit” attendees, and others interested in Speaking, which had grown since 1979, they invited them to the kick-off meeting at the American Motel in Wheat Ridge.  55 people showed up.  The date was July 31, 1982. Even better, since Joe had booked Cavett Robert to speak in Grand Junction the day before the meeting, Cavett came to Denver to speak and kick off the first meeting and give his blessing to the new chapter.

Joe was elected as Founding President and Judy Sabah served as Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Program Chair. Together they worked to build a strong chapter in Colorado.

In 1984 the chapter, Colorado Speakers Association, was chartered and elected its first officers. Bill Kuehn was the first elected President.

Some years later the name was changed to NSA/CO, as NSA wanted all the chapters names to be uniform.
The seminar from which NSA Colorado was born, “How to Speak for Fun and Profit” first drew 20 people for three hours.  The next week the seminar drew 20 more and has continued for more than 30 years, now being presented two times per month. 303-722-7200 303-777-1765

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