NSA/Colorado makes a difference – a BIG difference.

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“I joined NSA/Colorado after losing my software business to cyber crime. Your members helped me turn my experience into a keynote career, be featured on shows like 60 Minutes, and earn five times my previous salary for the past 10 years. Thanks, NSA!”

– John Sileo

“This is my support team! NSA/Colorado members give me ideas, encouragement, and professional development. And they are my best friends.”

– Dr. Mary Kelly, Commander, US Navy (ret), CSP

“NSA/Colorado has taught me everything I know about the speaking business. I’ve gone from being a complete rookie with zero bookings to speaking internationally – and making good money along the way.”

– Traci Brown

“Finding NSA/Colorado was the best thing that could have happened for my professional success. I’ve been supported and challenged, and I’ve learned so much from the incredibly generous and caring people in this organization. If you’re serious about the business of communication, get to NSA/Colorado and get involved!”

– David Dye

“NSA/Colorado has been the single biggest and best decision of my professional career. I finally found my people – people who think professional speaking is a great idea. Thank you, NSA/Colorado, for all your support, love, and endless encouragement.”

– Heather Lutze

“Being a member of NSA/Colorado has given me the tools I needed to succeed as a speaker. I learn from every member and am encouraged at every meeting.”

– Paul Vorreiter


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