Q & A With NSA Colorado President Dean Savoca

October 10th, 2012 – by NSA Staff No Comments

We sat down with NSA CO’s current president Dean Savoca to get the skinny on his vision for moving NSA Colorado forward.

Q: Dean, what is your vision for NSA CO going forward?

A: Well, it’s not just my vision; it’s NSA Colorado’s vision – to be the resource destination for the professional communicator.Whether you are a professional speaker, a trainer, a facilitator, a coach – we are the resource destination for you. Our resources include our amazing members, networking opportunities and top notch education geared to the professional communicator.

Q: Who is the core audience you are hoping to reach with NSA’s programs?

A: In the past, there’s been a little bit of confusion as to which direction should we go, a bit of trying to be all things to all people. Those of us who are small business owners know this strategy does not work. In this profession there are people at all different stages of their journey as a professional communicator. Some people want to improve their public speaking skills and are working a full time job, others have done some speaking and want to start a speaking business, and then there are those who do this for a living.

In our last board retreat, we really broke our strategy down, using a great baseball analogy. There are people at different stages in the journey…AA, AAA, Major Leaguers and All Stars. Our core audience is the “major leaguer,” those people who have their own business and majority of their income comes from speaking in front of a group of people. That audience is our sweet spot. I believe our biggest growth opportunity comes from those who are already professional communicators living in CO, but who are not members as well as the business experts who desire to expand their speaking.

Q: How do you attract and provide value to these successful speakers?

A: By providing education and resources at their level. We provide exceptional programing with hands-on practical tools to help people grow and build their business, whether it’s speaking, training, facilitating, coaching or consulting work. We are committed to this being the strategic direction of our organization moving forward.

Q: What does NSA offer to those who haven’t quite made it to the major leagues?

A: Of course everyone is welcome! We have a wonderful core program for those who want to build a professional speaking business, The Colorado Speakers Academy. It provides a great curriculum, including the opportunity to work with experts in a small group format, to gain the necessary know how and put the structure in place for a successful speaking business. This is where I started! There are also other programs out there that provide more for people at a different stage, such as Toastmasters and Joe Sabah’s Meetup group. But we know that if we are true to our core audience, we will provide more value.

Q: What made you decide to become NSA’s president?

A: I was asked…! Seriously, this organization and its members have contributed a lot to me and I want to give back. Secondly, we have an awesome board! It is truly my privilege to work with such a talented and committed group of people. Lastly, my business is about influence and I believe influence and leadership starts with our own personal development. If I am going to speak on leadership and influence I need to gain ongoing experience doing it. So being NSA CO’s president is a personal challenge to continue to grow and put myself in a leadership role.

Q: What are the greatest benefits you’ve received in your years with NSA CO?

A: First and foremost, the people. I’m truly grateful for the people I’ve met in this organization who have supported me and contributed to my business and my life. These are relationships that will last a lifetime. Second greatest benefit – the resources I’ve been able to take advantage of as far as professional development. I think this profession attracts incredible people who have the desire to grow and help others grow, to truly impact lives and impact organizations. And when you bring all those people together, it’s pretty powerful.

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