Date/Time: Friday, October 1, 2021: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: Annunciation Room - Event Annex next to Assumption Greek Orthodox Church


Strategic Storytelling Strategies for On Stage and Off With Kelly Swanson, Award-Winning Storyteller

We all know how important stories are to our presentations, whether you are a keynote speaker or a trainer, or somewhere in between.  We all want stories that are entertaining and powerful. But our stories need to be more than that. They need to be persuasive. This session on strategic storytelling will help you find, craft, and tell stories that do what you need them to do. And are entertaining and compelling too.

Not only are stories important on stage, they are just as important OFF stage. Stories are a powerful tool in selling and marketing our brand. How powerful is your brand story? Are you relying on facts to sell? Come learn how to create a STORY-driven pitch that goes beyond telling people what to do, to actually making them want to buy.

If you know Kelly, you already know that she is the master at helping you find stories that work for your business. In addition to teaching, Kelly will do her story and pitch makeovers with volunteers from the audience, so you can see how her teaching applies to your own business. You learn as much watching as you do in the hot seat.

Don’t miss this session to learn from Kelly. You’ll be glad you did. 

 Takeaways for the program:

  1. Learn what makes a story persuasive
  2. Learn the structure to craft a compelling persuasive story
  3. Learn how the tiniest details can take a story from good to amazing
  4. Lean how to find story ideas and structure the idea into a story
  5. Learn how strategic storytelling will help you better sell your business
  6. Watch stories get made over to see these tips applied in real time to your business stories
  7. Learn how to create a story driven pitch that makes buyers WANT to hear more
  8. Tips to help you go from telling people what they should do, to making them actually want to do it

NOTE – venue is big enough to socially distance / session will be recorded for viewing by anyone who paid to attend in person or virtually.

Location: Annunciation Room – Event Annex next to Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

4610 E Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80246

Please note that the meeting is not in the church but in the annex right next to it – there is nothing religious about our meeting it is just a great location that meets our budget.

Special – Kelly will be doing hot seats for up to 6 Virtual or In Person Pro Members to work on their stories – if you are interested in being put into the drawing please contact

Click here to check out her Prides Hollow series on her YouTube channel

NEW! Opening Expert Panel added to the October 1 meeting!

Getting Back to In-Person Meetings; What Speakers Need to Know

Want to know what meeting planners and bureaus are expecting from speakers they’re contracting with during a global pandemic? Want ideas for how to proactively hold on to your in-person contracts that are at risk of cancelling due to the Delta Variant spike? Wish you knew how to develop long term relationships with speaker bureaus, corporate or association clients? Then don’t miss the opening session with Tim Mathy, Speak Inc, Jenn Wade, Senior Events Manager with Sage and Erin Parrott, Senior Manager, Meetings & Events for American Animal Hospital Association  moderated by Sarah Michel, CSP, VP Professional Connexity with Velvet Chainsaw Consulting as they discuss the current realities of the meetings industry and answer your questions.


            In Person – Box Lunch Included

  •                         First Timer – $40
  •                         Pro member – $50
  •                         Pro Candidate – $60
  •                         Guest – $70
  •                         Early Bird Discount – Save $10

            Virtual –

  •                         First Timer – $20
  •                         Pro member – $30
  •                         Pro Candidate – $40
  •                         Guest – $50


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