Are you interested in serving on the NSA – Colorado Board of Directors? To qualify, you must be a Professional Member of the national NSA and the Chapter, in good standing. The Call for Nominations is usually published in January or February.

Consider nominating yourself or someone else you think would be an excellent addition to the Board team. A Nominations Committee reviews nominations and recommends a slate of candidates to the membership in April. New directors take office July 1. Terms are two years, with the exception of the President-Elect/President/Immediate Past President positions.

Additionally, volunteer opportunities that do not require board service are also available.

Please contact for more details.

Click on each board position to read the job descriptions.



  • Provides leadership and communication to the Board of Directors 
  • Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter
  • Consistently communicates, reinforces and shepherds chapter’s strategic mission and vision
  • Creates agenda for Board meetings 
  • Presides at Board and Chapter Membership meetings
  • In charge of the end of year celebration and awards event
  • Voting, ex-officio member of all committees 
  • May appoint such standing or special committees, subcommittees, councils or task forces as needed, subject to approval of the Board
  • Responsible for coordinating all social events


  • Duly elected Chief Officer of the Chapter for the next fiscal year
  • Performs duties of the President in his/her absence, or at the President’s request
  • Steps in when the President isn’t available to preside at meetings
  • Steps into the President’s role at the end of the President’s term, or if the President steps down for any reason
  • Attends Camp NSA in November and presents a Leadership Action Plan of Ideas to the NSA-CO Board
  • Coordinates succession planning (and leads the Nominating Committee if there is one)
  • Works to support the President 
  • Plans the annual Board Retreat
  • Serves on the Executive Committee and the Board


Immediate Past President
  • Provides leadership and communication to the Board of Directors 
  • Serves as Executive Advisor to the President
  • Serves as advisor to the Chapter
  • Consistently reinforces and shepherds chapter’s strategic mission and vision
  • Works to support the President 
  • Serves on the Executive Committee and the Board
  • Serves on the Nominating Committee for the incoming Board of the President-Elect
  • May also be in charge of the Member of the Year voting, as determined by President
Vice President
  • Duly elected Chief Officer of the Chapter for the next fiscal year
  • Performs duties at the President’s request
  • Assists President Elect in succession planning (and is a member of the Nominating Committee if there is one)
  • Works to support the President 
  • Assists President Elect on the annual Board Retreat
  • Serves on the Executive Committee and the Board


Secretary-Director of Operations
  • Issues the Call to Meeting.
  • Maintains all records and seals of the Chapter, including meeting minutes that record Board actions, results of electronic ballots, and records of membership actions. 
  • The President and the Secretary are the official correspondents to The National Speakers Association and to any governmental inquiries. 
  • Assists the President in communicating with the Board, such as Bylaws, Board meeting minutes with action items, annual Board retreat minutes capturing strategic initiatives and action items, and other announcements. 
  • Preserves a historical archive of the Board documents having legal implications.
  • Point person for ongoing updates to Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Other such duties as the President may assign.
Director- Professional Development
  • Plans and coordinates at least seven (7) educational programs in a calendar year. Responsible for programs at the General Membership meetings. 
  • Works with the President to plan the annual awards event.
  • Coordinates each program’s agenda, including announcements from other Board members, other announcements, and speaker introduction for each program.
  • Works with Chapter Administrator to:
    • Recruit and support speakers. The Director-Professional Development or committee member recruits speakers and emails the contracts for the speakers from a template, sends it to each speakers, and follows up to make sure everything is returned.
    • Manage event logistics, venues, and additional details.
    • Use the current tools for organization of meeting planning information. 
    • Manage the logistic requirements for each program and speaker. 
    • Evaluate and enhance the audience satisfaction and the effectiveness of each program.
  • Prints the meeting agenda or ensures that the Chapter Administrator prints the agenda.
  • Coordinates the committee members who sign up ahead of time to fill the Speaker Host role. 
  • Coordinates the Speaker Dinner the night before the Chapter meeting. 
  • Recruits a stage manager who will handle A/V for the year (or the Volunteer Coordinator suggests a volunteer).
  • Assigns an emcee for each meeting. The Emcee Packet includes the agenda, announcement, here’s what you need to know, and more. Each emcee is responsible for finding a replacement if he/she can’t attend on the assigned date.
  • May also have other duties as the President or Board may assign.
Director- Colorado Speakers Academy

The NSA-CO Speaker’s Academy Director coordinates the curriculum and mentorship program and serves as lead Instructor/Facilitator of the coursework of the Academy.

At this level people are serious about building a business around professional speaking of some kind, are comfortable with their presentation skills, and are ready to learn the business basics to market their expertise and further hone speaking skills.  

The NSA-CO Speaker’s Academy is an intensive professional development experience that builds a speaker’s competency in:

  • Expertise (message and content) 
  • Eloquence (stage presence and skills) 
  • Enterprise (infrastructure to get booked and paid) 
  • Ethics (handling self and business professionally)
Director- Special Programs Committee
  • Guide and be the point person for the volunteer leaders for the 3 special programs:
    • Pro Mastermind
    • Accelerate
    • Video Showcase
  • Be sure there is a transfer of knowledge between the past volunteer leaders of each program and the new volunteer leaders.
  • Retain a location for the events. Location may vary from event to event or year to year.
  • Keep in touch regarding guests, answer any questions, check on dates, and give ideas for programming.  
  • Relay invoices to Treasurer for vendors, volunteer thank you gifts, catering as needed, and other related expenses.
  • Ensure that Pro Mastermind volunteer leaders have a current list of active Professional Members. Assist with any questions regarding attendance requirements.
  • Ensure that Accelerate volunteer leaders create emails in partnership with the Chapter Administrator that are sent to the Professional Candidates first. After a set period of time, the invitations can be opened to Professional Members as space allows.
  • Ensure that the Video Showcase volunteer leaders have a date for the Showcase, a location, a video vendor, and sufficient participants.
  • Overall director for all 3 programs.
Director- Membership
  • Promote and encourage qualified professional speakers to join the Chapter
  • Promote and encourage candidate non-members to join the Chapter as Candidates
  • Work with the Chapter Admin to maintain a database of active members and keep it in good standing
  • Work with the Chapter Admin to maintain a list of potential members
  • Manage the membership recruitment and renewal process
  • Work with the Chapter Admin to send Call for Nominations for the Member of the Year (MOTY) Award and prepare the MOTY ballot to send by email
  • Other such duties as the President or Board may assign
Director- Marketing & Member Promotions

Work closely with the Board President, other members of the Board, the Programming Committee and staff to ensure key messages are communicated effectively to NSA-Colorado members and other key constituencies, which could include new members, guests, prospective members, meetings/events industry, media, etc. In addition, the overall branding/positioning of the organization is closely monitored and managed by the Director-Marketing.

  • Marketing Plan Development
    • Develop and execute a marketing plan and budget for the program year.
    • Coordinate with Board members on special needs for their areas of responsibility. 
    • Utilize creative ways to let people know about NSA-Colorado Chapter (i.e. radio, television, website, strategic partnerships, etc.). Submit articles and press releases to educate the business community, encourage program attendance, and recruit members.
    • Ensure the use of the NSA brand and the NSA-CO Chapter brand (note that on their marketing materials, Pro members may display the NSA-CO logo, and the NSA national logo if they are national members)
  • Meeting Promotion
    • Work with programming team to promote speakers, panelists, and other key meeting details to members, guests, media, etc.
    • Promotion should include emails, website, and social media.
  • Chair the Marketing Committee or Act as Board Liaison 
    • Identify staffing and resource needs to execute marketing plan.
    • Work with volunteer coordinator to create marketing committee of committed and qualified members and others interested in helping to execute marketing plan.
    • When a Committee Chair is appointed, the Director-Marketing acts as Board Liaison.
  • Market Special Events
    • Use website, social media, email, and other media to promote special events and programming.  These could include MIC, Tennyson events, holiday parties, NSA-CSA
  • Website Management
    • Work with Board members and other NSA-Colorado members to ensure content on website is accurate, up to date, and relevant.
    • Website ongoing updates
    • Blog updates if blog is active
    • Update programming information and event details
    • In approximately July, Update website for NSA-CSA information
    • Work with Chapter Administrator on all other events and schedules
Director- Sponsorship

The goal of the Sponsorship Director is to secure money and in-kind donations and services to offset the operating budget of the NSA-CO Chapter.

  • Create and modify a series of sponsorship packages – including annual sponsors as well as other types such as single-event and book sponsors.
  • Obtain Board Approval of final sponsorship packages.
  • Ensure NSA-CO website is updated with all sponsorship packages.
  • Create electronic agreement and payment method to simplify the operational process of collecting sponsorship dollars as well as document the annual renewal date (in the system).
  • Identify and secure sponsors for the NSA-CO Chapter that would be in alignment with the types of services our members want and need.
  • Identify other potential NSA-CO Funding opportunities – such as procuring items to “live auction” during NSA-CO meetings or in the NSA-CO Facebook Group.
  • Implement the sponsor packages. Ensure the sponsors are getting what they paid for, such as promotion on NSA-CO Website and NSA-CO Facebook page, website visibility, meeting visibility.
  • Ensure Director-Programming and Chapter Administrator are aware of which sponsors will attend which meetings – and who has requirements (table, agenda exposure, visibility during meeting).
  • Develop relationships with third parties for potential in-kind sponsorships such as videographers and photographers.
  • One to two times per year, organize a photographer to offer headshots to the members. These should be provided at a reasonable cost to the member.
Director- Industry & Community Relations


  • Serve on the Board of the Meetings Industry Council (MIC); attend monthly meetings
  • Attend Orientation whenever it is held
  • Get on MIC distribution list 
  • Give MIC 25-word bio and headshot 
  • The Serving Up Hope event will be early November. 
  • Promote the event through NSA-CO 
  • Raise money for the food bank (there is a competition between the member associations)
  • MIC staff and the chair for the year will have marketing materials for website, email blasts, etc.  
  • Promote the event at the NSA-CO September and October meetings
  • As a member of the MIC board, this position receives a complimentary ticket to attend this event (that is precedent, though this could change)
  • Work with the Chapter Administrator to provide the MIC staff with an updated member list for MIC by September 1 and January 1. Include only Professional Members in the list.
  • Attend MIC retreat 
  • Review to learn about the 13 member organizations of the Meetings Industry Council of Colorado. On the “Mission & Purpose” page, there is a listing of the 13 member organizations with links to each.
  • Check the event calendars of each member organization once a month to see if there are any events that would be relevant for NSA-CO members to attend.  If so, promote on NSA-CO Facebook group.
  • MIC Conference
  • As the NSA-CO Representative on the MIC Board, this position receives emails from the Executive Director of MIC with links to promote MIC events to NSA-CO membership.  This information should be immediately passed on to the Chapter Administrator of NSA-CO to comply with agreements to promote event as a member of MIC.
  • Attend the two-day event.  As a member of the Board, this position receives a complimentary ticket to this event.
  • Prepare the annual budget for approval by the Board and the membership.
  • Maintain the association’s financial information records 
  • Manage the financial affairs of the association in accordance with established financial policies and procedures.
  • Work with the Chapter Administrator to manage dues invoicing and receipts 
  • Manage/oversee the accounts receivable system
  • Present financial reports to the Board on a regular basis (e.g., balance sheet, income statement, budget variance, investment portfolio results).
  • Work closely with an external auditor/reviewer during the examination of the financial records.
  • Perform other duties the President may assign.
  • The Treasurer files annual reports with the Colorado Secretary of State.
Volunteer Coordinator
  • Coordinate and organize volunteer recruitment and tasks. 
  • Recruit volunteer participation as needed, increase the pool of available volunteers. Strive to keep volunteer roles manageable and rewarding for the volunteer and the organization.
  • Volunteers will be trained by the Chair of the committee for which they are volunteering.